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Analyzing Your Electricity Loads

Analyzing Your Electricity LoadsCalculating your electricity needs is the
first step in the process of investigating renewable energy systems for your
home or small business. A thorough examination of your electricity needs helps
you determine the following:* The size (and therefore, cost) of the system
you’ll need* How your energy needs fluctuate throughout the day and over the
year* Measures you can take to reduce your electricity use.Conducting a load
analysis involves recording the wattage and average daily use of all of the
electrical devices which are plugged into your central power source, such as
refrigerators, lights, televisions, and power tools. Some loads, like your
refrigerator, use electricity all the time, while others, like power tools, use
electricity intermittently. Loads that use electricity intermittently are often
referred to as selectable loads. If you are willing to use your selectable loads
only when you have extra power available, you may be able to install a smaller
renewable energy system.To determine your total electricity
consumption:*Multiply the wattage of each appliance by the number of hours it is
used each day (be sure to take seasonal variations into account). Some
appliances do not give the wattage, so you may have to calculate the wattage by
multiplying the amperes times the volts. Generally, power use data can be found
on a sticker, metal plate, or cord attached to the appliance.*Record the time(s)
of day the load runs for all selectable loads.See Learn More on the right side
of this page (or below if you’ve printed it out) for resources and tools to help
you analyze your electricity loads.For information about determining the overall
energy efficiency of your home, see energy audits.

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