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WorkLight® for Financial Services

Today more than ever, financial services companies need to connect to their customers. Retail banks, credit card issuers, credit unions, and brokerage firms, all need to generate more business, lower the cost of doing business, instill customer confidence and trust, and exceed customer delivery expectations.

WorkLight for Financial Services
allows companies, for the first time, to securely deliver to customers personalized account information, and balance and transaction updates via familiar consumer Web 2.0 tools and services; tools such as RSS feeds, widgets and gadgets, personalized homepages, iPhone apps, social networks, instant messaging, and more. Using these convenient means to deliver highly relevant, personalized information directly to customers, WorkLight obviates the need for consumers to log in to and navigate through complex customer web sites, thereby significantly enhancing the customer experience. The outcome is an increased number of transactions, reduced customer service costs, and an improvement in customer retention.
WorkLight delivers the following unique benefits to financial Institutions:
Acquire new customers with more success and lower cost – by connecting with customers via gadgets wherever they spend time, distribution costs are lower and conversion rates higher.
Drive more transactions – through an “always-on” approach, customers are much more likely to respond to account updates and alerts in a timely manner.
Facilitate online bill pay – through convenient “one-stop” gadgets, customers are more likely to pay bills through the bank or using their credit card.
Reduce customer costs – since more customer transactions are handled via self-service. Customers do not have to navigate to a portal, since the provider “appears” right where customers spend their time online.
With WorkLight, consumers reap the following benefits:
Save time and money – No need to repeatedly log in to, and navigate complex portals in order to manage financial accounts, issue payments, transfer funds, etc.
Reduce stress and anxiety associated with possible fraud– Report suspicious account activity immediately through secure, “always-on” gadgets.
Reduce financial liability – Reminders reduce missed payments and subsequent late charges. Tracking account activity helps spot suspicious account activity.
Take advantage of attractive promotions – Highly-relevant offers such as refinancing, credit card, investments, etc. let the firm provide superior service and potentially save the customer money.

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