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Super Series™Vacuum Furnace SystemIt’s

super-precise and super-fast. The
T-M Vacuum Super Series vacuum furnace system is the high-
vacuum,high-temperature technically advanced vacuum furnace to satisfy all your
heat-treating needs.Within its all- stainless steel chamber is a two cubic foot
work zone capable of holding up to 200 pounds of material for tempering,
austenitizing, hardening, stress relieving, brazing, sintering, bonding,
annealing, and many other custom vacuum processes.With the standard three-zone
heat control package and electro-pneumatically operated Heat Pack door shield
assembly, a precision heating environment is created for perfect temperature
uniformity.The specially designed Hot Zone-to-chamber ratio enables the
high-speed pumping system to reach high vacuum quicker,maximizing your
productivity and quality with a cleaner work zone. With its inert gas on board
Quick Cool System, the metallurgical gas quench increases your cycle times by
rapidly cooling the chamber and increasing your product output.The Super Series
HMI software system can be configured with our controlled cooling,allows the
user to precisely control the cooling environment.The Super Series vacuum
furnace system can also be configured to accept multiple process gases. Once you
have determined your specific process parameters,the computerized control system
takes over to completely automate the process and archive all system data. An
operator needs only to load and unload the chamber and press the start
button.The Super Series vacuum furnace system is a completely contained unit
with no exposed wires, cables or pumps.This saves you valuable factory floor
space, and keeps your unit clean and easy to maintain. System installation is as
simple as connecting the unit to electric service and attaching gas,water and
air lines. The Hot Zone is fully removable for service.If the Super Series work
zone is not large enough for your application, please ask about our PACER Series
Vacuum Furnace System.Temperature Capabilities and Controllability 10 series
1000°C (1832°F)13 series 1315°C (2400°F)14.5 series 1415°C (2650°F)16.5 series
1650°C (3000°F)20 series 2000°C (3632°F)
+/- 1 degree controllability
+/- 2°C temperature uniformity*
SCR Power Supply regulation
3-zone heat
control with independent PID loop control
Vacuum Pumping System
pump down time*To 0.1 Torr 7 minutes10-5 Torr Scale 15 minutes
Valve: T-M 6" Right Angle Poppet Valve
6" diffusion pump – net pumping
speed:2,400 l/s
42.2 cfm mechanical roughing & backing pump
3.8 cfm
mechanical hold pump
Upgraded pumping systems – Mechanical,
dry, diffusion, cryogenic, and turbo-molecular
Molecular Sieve or
Mechanically refrigerated, optically-dense, cold trap in roughing line or liquid
nitrogen cryo-trap in high-vacuum line (for prevention of hydrocarbon
Inert Gas and Quick Cool System
10 HP blower – 4,200 cfm
free air displacement
Gas/water heat exchanger
18 vents directing Quick
Cool gas onto workload
Integral with furnace chamber, no externally mounted
Multiple-process gas capability
System Controls
The “E” control system: full PC, PLC, and HMI
software control package will provide superior control, system analysis, recipe
management, and data acquisition. With more than 14 user-friendly screens
displayed on its 17" LCD flat panel touch screen, this state-of-the-art system
eliminates the need for separate programmers, controllers and message
Over-temperature control
Digital vacuum display
Center of
load thermocouple standard
Emergency Stop
Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS)
Multiple-channel color
strip chart recorder
Operating Pressure Range
High-vacuum to 2-bar (higher
pressures available)
Working pressure at maximum temperature: high-vacuum to
1 torr (higher pressures available)
Capable of pressures between atmosphere
and 2-bar (for Quick Cool use)
6-bar available
Hot Zone
Usable work zone 12" W x 12" H x 24" D
Usable work zone
volume of 2 cubic feet
Work load capacity 200 lbs
horizontally-mounted Hot Zone comprised of six (6) high temp/lowresistance
molybdenum 2" band heater elements
Heat shielding is composed of molybdenum
layers backed by stainless steel layersin stainless steel containment and an
electro-pneumatically operated Heat Pack door shield assembly
Complete Hot
Zone is easily removable as a unit for fast maintenance and less down
Molybdenum hearth assembly is 12" W x 24"D
Graphite and
tungsten heating elements
Graphite insulation in stainless steel
All-stainless steel construction including head-end
closure and water jacketing
Dual-wall chamber configuration designed to allow
complete water-to-surface contact
Stainless steel dual-wall, water-cooled
Water cooling for power feed-thru is external to vacuum chamber,
eliminating thepossibility of water leaking into the chamber
Six clamp over
center pneumatic clamp/locking door
Working pressure: Full vacuum to 2-bar
(6-bar available)Safety FeaturesAll T-M Vacuum Products, Inc. products are
equipped with standard safety features toensure safe operation.Please consult
T-M Vacuum Products, Inc. at (856) 829-2000 for availability and pricing of
these or any other option requirements.*All times and pressures are for clean,
dry, empty, out-gassed furnace, starting from ambient pressure and temperature,
and may vary. Times and pressures subject to pump size and maximum

Super Series Vacuum Furnace Interior

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